Mike Adcock

Piano accordian & piano

- 01242 693015 - Email

David Byett

melodeon - solo or band dep

 - 01934 835435 or 07989 601302  Email

John Davis

Drum for hire, recorders, bodhran (sympathetically played)

 - 07482738391  Email

Tony Davis

Instruments; Bass, bazouki, mandolin, guitar, banjo, plays tunes and chords, can sight read chords, knows a variety of tunes, able to call, sing and play bass.


 Tel: 01594 825682  Mob: 07770 892312  Email

Peter Cripps
Banjo, guitar, bass. Sight reads melodies and chords, and able to play by ear. Able to call 'The Farmer's Jig' in an emergency. Has own amp/PA system.  


Tel: 01452 780401    Email 

Alex West
 Flute, singing (mezzo-soprano) and saxophone (all beyond grade 8), and I play enough piano to fill in if really needed.  My sight reading and sight singing are quite good, and I have some repertoire by ear, so I should be able to fill in if someone gives me some music or if I know the tune. The only problem is that I don't have a car (or a driving licence!) so it would be dependent on someone picking me up from Stroud.


Tel: 07500 462808   Email

Andrew Maliphant

Singing, caller and tuba playing


Tel: 01594 544456   Email 

Caitlin Barrett & Paul O'Neill
Paul - vocals, guitar, bodhran - Irish covers and originals, a bit of country.

Caitlin - fiddle, mainly Irish and backing singers


Tel: 07896 327069 or 07912 014636    Email 

Bill Taylor
I have a wide circle of musicians from the sessions we run, fiddle, melodeon, recorder, flute, guitar, concertina, tuba, if anyone is stuck give me a call


Email      Tel:  01452 422447      Mobile 07787713758   

Graham Reynolds
Instruments: drums and percussion. Any folk style - Irish, English, Scottish. Any standard band - just starting out up to pro standard no problem. Able to play most tunes if not from memory then busk.


Mob: 07528 015304   Email 

Tony Bergonzi
I play bass, guitar, mandolin and have my own equipment, stands mics etc. I can sing lead if needed as well as backing. I do lack transport but with prior notice I can be quite flexible. Lifts etc .


 Tel: 07979020789       Email

Mon, Thurs  and Fridays  -Tel: 01594 820722      Email 

Mike Davis
Caller(experience mostly with 'non-dancers' ie. weddings, birthdays, village hops etc) Stroud area. Usually pretty busy but worth a try in a dire emergency!


Tel: 01453 883995

Keith Dench
I play guitar, bass guitar (preferred instrument),6 string banjo. Will need music or, at least chords, but could probably bring my own if it's a dance band. I can also "call" dances.


Tel: 01453 764990


Jack Brothwell
Many years of experience as a music teacher and folkie! Accordion and melodeon.Recorders (LTCL diploma) and whistles. Fiddle (was fiddle player for BBC 'Lark Rise') and mandolin/mandola. Bass guitar. Can play Scottish pipes (kilted) Can sight read very well or play by ear. Huge repertoire of tunes, can call and play accordion at the same time. Own PA.


Tel: 01367 252642



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