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Most weeks in normal times, we mail out items of news and informationto the members of our mailing list - sometimes more than once a week if anything important comes up! If you would like to have your name added - it is completely free, and without obligation - just email me HERE   with 'Subscribe' in the body or heading of your e-mail, and your name, and I will add you to the list. You can leave the list at any time, and we guarantee your details will not be passed to any third party.

You might also like to become an Adult or Junior (under 18) member of Glos Folk. This is also free of charge, and without obligation, and as well as all the mailings you do get to vote at Glos Folk meetings! (Exciting eh?) If you do, just e-mail me as above with  'Glos Folk Member' in the body or heading. I will need to send you a form for you to sign and return (electronic is fine) for membership. 

We welcome support, and applications for membership, from ALL sectors of society, regardless of gender, ethnic origin, age, religious persuasion, disability, or sexual orientation.

If you are a performer, you can also have your details listed in the Glos Folk Directory web pages. This is also free of charge at present. To do this e-mail me HERE

We do get lots and lots of hits, and many people tell us they receive many enquiries as a result of their Glos Folk listing.

We also have a Facebook Group which is also free to join HERE


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